Smoke & Mist Collector Service

Services preformed by our in-house licensed mechanical technicians, they maintain, service and install mist & smoke collectors by Absolent, MicroAir, Diversi-tech along with repairing any Smog Hog systems. 

Air Cleaning Technology provides a thorough service for all mechanical and electrostatic mist collectors.

Serv Smoke Mist collectorMist Collector System



Mechanical Mist Collector Service:

  • Inspect magnahelic gauge(s) for each filter and note pressure drop
  • Inspect drain line and make sure oil/coolant is returning from the unit
  • Inspect cabinet door(s) and insure all seals are secure
  • Inspect filter cam lock hold down mechanism(s) and insure filters are secured properly
  • Inspect exhaust fan and motor
  • Inspect duct system
  • Review exhaust rate with machine operator and make sure mist and smoke are being captured adequately by the mist collection system
  • Generally clean unit

Electrostatic Mist Collector Service:

  • Exchange components that become contaminated due to pollutant collected in electronic air cleaners
  • Replace insulators and contact springs as required
  • Check motor/blower systems
  • Check and record power pack voltage
  • Generally clean unit