Hood & Control Panel Service 

With over 38 years in the kitchen exhaust industry, Air Cleaning Technology's certified technicians ensure that your exhaust systems are maintained and serviced to operate safely and efficiently.  

Gaylord box in wall


Kitchen Hood

Control Panel Service

Service performed:

1.  Inspect detergent pumps
2.  Inspect timer operations and timer settings for wash cycle
3.  Test wash cycle functions
4.  Review detergent usage to ensure proper cleaning of Ventilator, floor sink and drain lines
5.  Check backflow preventer and plumbing parts of control cabinet
6.  Labor to replace any required parts. (Parts and detergent billed as extra)

Ultra Violet (UV) Ventilator/Hood Service

Service performed:

1.  Remove, clean and reinstall UV emitter modules
2.  Inspect and replace, as needed, rubber seals (grommets) on each UV tube
3.  Inspect and test all electrical contact and wiring harnesses
4.  Inspect and test all safety switches and pressure switches
5.  Replace UV tubes, if needed
6.  Clean UV system housing
7.  Clean all access doors and lock handles
8.  Record total hours of operation and take pictures inside of hood plenum

Ventilator/Hood Cleaning Service

Service performed:

1.  Plenums are to be soaked with chemical and pressure washed with hot water
2.  All cartridges or baffles will be removed and cleaned
3.  All hood canopies will be cleaned and polished
4.  Before and after photos will be taken of all work done
5.  Fans and fan blades are to be soaked with chemical and pressure washed with hot water to prevent excess buildup and to ensure proper fan operation and balance
6.  Cleaning services will meet or exceed NFPA96, IKECA, and OSHA safety standards for Kitchen exhaust system cleaning
7.  All work will be managed by an IKECA Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist (CECS)