Pollution Control Unit

Poll and Odor - ESP Filter Cutaway

Poll and Odor - Bag Filter Diagram

Pollution Control Units (PCU)

Air Quality is becoming a major concern in America's large cities and as a result, many commercial kitchens will require pollution control equipment in their exhaust systems to comply with the increasing demands of environmental control agencies.

Each of our units are custom designed and built to meet your requirements for specific needs, production and location.

Air Cleaning Technology offers two types of Pollution Control Units:

ESP (electrostatic precipitator) Series:

  • Removes smoke particulate by high-voltage ionization using electrostatic cells
  • Available with odor control and built-in exhaust fan
  • Higher first cost than TPF Unit, but no filtration replacement costs

ESP electrically charges large and microscopic contaminants then captures them magnetically in an aluminum collection cell.  As a result, this highly developed electronic solution leaves virtually no grease of hazardous particle untouched, expelling only clean air from the system.

The ESP Series Pollution Control Unit is available in sizes from 1000 to 32,000 CFM and may include odor control and/or and optional exhaust fan.

TPF (triple pass filter) Series:

  • Removes smoke particulates by mechanical filtration
  • Uses a series of high efficiency filters
  • Available with odor control and built-in exhaust fan
  • Initial cost of equipment less than ESP Unit, but filtration units require frequent replacement of filters thereby generating additional costs in materials, labor and filter disposal.

The TPS Series Pollution Control Unit includes a smoke control, odor control and exhaust fan section and is available in sizes ranging in capacity from 2000 CFM to 32,000 CFM.  This unit is of heavy duty construction and is suitable for indoor or outdoor installations.