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Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Industrial kitchen exhaust fans are used for extraction of air, heat, grease, smoke, steam & odors in commercial kitchens and restaurants.  Air Cleaning Technology has been a leader in installing, maintaining and servicing exhaust fans through out California and has an extensive variety of exhaust fans for every kitchen.

Centrifugal Upblast Fans

Features & Benefits:

  • A wide variety of motors are available to meet specific application needs.
  • Heavy duty construction, durable and weather resistant.
  • Non-overloading backward inclined wheels, blades and inlets fabricated from 3003-H14 aluminum.
  • Wall mount applications, units up to 24" nominal wheel can be wall mounted.
  • Forced fresh air through the motor compartment cools motor and ensures long motor life.
  • Quick release latches allow for easy access to motor compartment.
  • Variable pitch motor pulley allows for field adjustment and system balancing.
  • High efficiency combined with low tip speeds result in quiet operation.
  • Standard emergency disconnect switch.

Utility Set

Features & Benefits

  • Handles high temperature, heavy grease applications.
  • Curb mounted design.
  • Exceptional performance. Handles up to 8000 CFM and 3" w.g. static pressure.
  • Pleasing aesthetics - high quality powder coating on housing.
  • Ventilated motor housing for motor, shaft and drive protection.
  • Rigid motor plate assembly.
  • Tilt out wheel for easy access during maintenance.
  • Non-overloading, welded steel backward inclined wheel is statically and dynamically balanced and permits usage on high static pressure applications.
  • Balancing weights are welded to the wheel.
  • Heavy duty bearings in excess of 200,000 hours of operation.
  • Motor base and shaft seals provide a double layer of protection to eliminate water leaks into the building and grease build-up on motor.
  • Grease laden air does not enter the motor compartment, increasing the life of the motor and allowing use on high temperature and grease applications.
  • Discharge scoop is sealed using heavy gasket to avoid grease leakage.
  • Continuously welded scroll to prevent grease leakage onto the rooftop.
  • Grease drain centered and fully welded onto discharge elbow.
  • Heavy duty hinge kit.

Inline Fans

Features & Benefits

  • Slip fit duct connections are standard on both the inlet and outlet providing easy attachment of flexible connections.
  • Adjustable mounting feet on all horizontal units allows the motor position and floor/ceiling orientation to be easily adjusted in the field without additional parts or welding.
  • Universal mounting brackets are included on both the inlet and discharge of vertical units to allow for ceiling or floor mounting in either an upblast or downblast configuration.
  • Lifting lugs are provided at 3 locations around the perimeter of the fan to assist in handling, positioning and rotation of the fan in the field.
  • Also available in reduced length, Arrangement 3, where space is limited.
  • Access door is standard on Arrangement 3.
  • Description: Fan shall be a belt driven, tubular mixed-flow inline blower