Turbo Pressure Blower

Turbo Pressure Blowers

Turbo Pressure Blower wheels come in 5 types and can be used in high temperature, spark resistant, and corrosion resistant applications. All Turbo Pressure Blowers are constructed with heavy gage continuously welded housing. Some feature a cast almag radial open design for light material handling applications. To assure smooth operation, all wheels are dynamically balanced and these blowers have heavy-duty anti-friction block ball bearings, and can develop pressures to 110" S.P.W.G., with capacities to 8000 CFM.


  • Volumes to 9,200 CFM, pressures to 86” WG
  • Available in direct driven & belt driven configurations
  • Wheel Types: Backward Curved & Radial Blade
  • Continuously welded, heavy gauge housings
  • Available in eight basic fan sizes