Vaneaxial Fans

Vaneaxial Fans are designed for applications where large volumes of air are required at moderate to high pressures.These axial flow fans have a higher pressure capability due to the presence of static vanes.

EJ/CJ Airfoil Impellers are high-pressure die cast of aluminum and consist of blades, hub and clamp plate. The impeller is manually adjustable through the full range of pitch angles.  Fan casings are made of heavy gauge steel with spun flanges and continuously welded seams. The casing is manufactured to a stringent tolerance for roundness which assures proper blade tip clearance for optimal performance.  Impellers are precision balanced as a fan assembly to minimize vibration levels and assure smooth operation.


  • Volumes to 400,000 CFM, Pressures to 13” WG
  • Available in direct driven configuration only
  • Impeller Type: Adjustable pitch (at rest) or controllable pitch (in motion) cast aluminum
  • Significant power savings, reliable and low maintenance
  • Available in thirteen basic fan sizes
  • These are belt drive units with guide vane