Machining Mist Smoke


Machining – Mist, Smoke & Fume Collection

For over 38 years, Air Cleaning Technology has efficiently installed, maintained and serviced mist and smoke collectors for manufacturing plants.  We do a complete analysis of your particulate problem, needs and prerequisites of your application.  We take air quality readings, test the equipment and study the requirements of your facility.  With these results, we recommend the best solution for your machining needs.  Our factory trained and certified Engineers and Technicians are the best in California.

We are a licensed Mechanical Contractor, License #761220 with in-house field service technicians, installation teams and design/sales engineers.

If your company needs a customized engineered solution for tough emissions from manufacturing processes, metalworking, die-casting, cold forming and milling machines, Air Cleaning Technology can assist you in choosing the best fit for your facility.

Recommended Equipment -

Mist & Smoke Collectors

We have small compact mounted units for individual machines and larger units that can be used with ducting on multiple small machines or one large machine.