Heading Applications - Oil Mist & Smoke

Proper smoke and mist control generated from heading operations will protect workers and prevent smoke from migrating elsewhere in the facility. Capturing the oil smoke and mist at the source is the recommended approach for controlling cold heading machining emissions. Our source capture equipment focuses on three smoke producing areas: the die area, the parts chart and the parts basket or bin.

Some key benefits:

  • Extended machine life and reduced operational costs through reclamation of lubricants
  • Increase production efficiency with a cleaner safer, healthier work place
  • Decrease maintenance time and costs by using mist collectors for airborne particulate before it can settle on expensive and delicate controls causing expensive machine downtime
  • Mist Collectors conserve energy by filtering out in plant emissions and reducing general shop ventilation requirements
  • Compliance with even the strictest federal, state and local environmental standards

Recommended Equipment -

Mist & Smoke Collectors

We have small compact mounted units for individual machines and larger units that can be used with ducting on multiple small machines or one large machine.