Grinding Dust Application

dudt collector

Grinding, Buffing or Deburring Applications in Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

In most industrial manufacturing facilities, grinding dust is a commonly found pollutant. Air Cleaning Technology can assist you in selecting the best dry collecting system for all your dry grinding dust. Applications such as grinding wheels, sanding belts or wire wheels require source capture methods to help prevent dust with both wet and dry applications. A hood that encloses as much of the operation as practical is recommended while complete enclosures are required for materials that have toxicity concerns.

  •    Industrial dust collection systems for dry grinding conserve energy while filtering out unwanted air pollutants thus reducing general ventilation requirements
  •    Dust Collection Systems decrease maintenance time and costs by collecting airborne particulate before it can settle on expensive and delicate controls, the shop floor or other equipment
  •    Industrial dust collection systems increase production efficiency by providing a cleaner, healthier work environment
  •    All systems are designed in strict accordance with Industrial Ventilation Guidelines

Recommended Equipment

Combustible Material -

For combustible systems, we recommend wet style dust collection systems.  We have small units for individual machines and larger units that can be used with ducting on multiple small machines or one large machine.

Non Combustible Material -

For non combustible material, we use cartridge style dust collector.  We have those as portable units, small ones that can be used for individual machines and large ones that can be used for central systems.