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Air Cleaning Technology is California’s leader in air cleaning systems for Industrial facilities and restaurant kitchen exhaust systems.  Our service department is available 24/7, even Holiday’s… we have you covered!  For over 38 years, we’ve worked hard to offer you a wide variety of superior products to choose from and trained our dedicated service staff to be the best in California.

Job Opportunities

At Air Cleaning Technology, we constantly strive to better serve our air cleaning customer base and extend our reach. One of our approaches to this is to increase customer contact with a greater customer service force. Our service force is made up of engineers, field service technicians, installers, sales experts, customer service personnel, accountants, and a great secretarial staff.

If you are interested in joining AIR CLEANING TECHNOLOGY in any of these capacities, please fill out the Contact Us form, detailing your desire in the comments section and we will work towards cleaning the air together.

Thank you for your interest in Air Cleaning Technology.

Paul Krause