Weld Fume

Weld Fume

Air Cleaning Technology helps in selecting the best system for your fume and welding smoke.

We design a weld fume system to meet your filtration needs, floor space utilization, worker mobility and portability, and budget.  Options are available to suit a diverse range of applications, including jigs, shelves, curtains and light kits. Booths can be outfitted with extraction arms or back draft hoods to exhaust and filter welding fumes and grinding dust.

All of our units meet OSHA and NIOSH standards.

Welders protect their eyes, feet, hands and clothing, why not their lungs?

There are 3 methods to remove harmful weld fumes and smoke:

  1. Exhausting - While the up front costs for this method are usually lower, it is generally more expensive in the long run due to increased energy costs to heat and cool a plant.  We have several options including source capture arms if you choose to exhaust.
  2. General Capture - If you choose this option to capture pollutants, you will keep plant air below OSHA and NIOSH standards.  This is a very cost effective way to increase worker safety levels and can greatly reduce the sick days that are caused by irritations of breathing the weld fume and smoke.
  3. Source Capture - This is the most effective means for eliminating weld fumes and smoke.  By capturing at the source, we can filter close to 100% of the harmful contaminants produced without any of it going through the worker's breathing zone. With literally hundreds of capture options, we will find the right fit for you.