portable air cleaners

portable air cleaner


Portable Air Cleaners

Portable Air Cleaners - your clean air solution for industrial applications.  Engineered with versatility and user friendly features.
We have a complete line of portable air cleaners from cartridge collectors, for lighter duty or smaller volume applications to heavy duty production.  Cartridge units utilize self-cleaning, high efficiency cartridge filters, that reduce filter replacement costs, as the filter elements are continually cleaned by compressed air.

Special features from Portable Air Cleaners:

  • Quick Change Versatility
  • Broad Choice of Attachments
  • Low Power Requirements
  • High Capacity Cleaning
  • Compact Design
  • Dual Self-Cleaning Cartridges
  • Wide Range of Filter Options
  • Ideal for soldering or other operations where source capture is required.
  • Revolutionary self-supporting arm design
  • Available in single arm or dual arm configurations
  • Low noise level