downdraft table

downdraft table

Air Cleaning Technology offers a wide selection of wet and dry downdraft tables for fume extraction and dust collection.

Downdraft Tables are highly effective at removing dust generated by sanding, grinding, polishing and welding operations along with removing hazardous fumes.  This equipment works by drawing air down and back, away from the operator's breathing area.  Our company maintains and services all brands.  We will take every step possible to ensure your satisfaction.

Dry Downdraft Table
Designed to draw contaminants away from the worker’s breathing zone without hindering the worker’s movements or productivity. Used for grinding, sanding and welding.  Highly efficient cartridge filters trap particulate down to 0.5 microns.

Wet Downdraft Table
Designed for safe capture and collection of combustible metals such as Aluminum, Titanium and Magnesium.  Also controls odor from gluing and painting, plasma cutting, as well as finishing processes such as buffing and polishing.

We sell, maintain and service all Downdraft Tables...

California State University uses a downdraft table for dust collection supplied and serviced by Air Cleaning Technology in their wood shop.

  • Downdraft tables collects dust from hand sanding, steel grinding, polishing
  • Self contained requiring no external duct work, fans or hooding
  • Self cleaning systems - keep dust capture constant and reduce maintenance time
  • Downdraft Sanding Table systems helps meet OSHA Clean Air Standards
  • Custom downdraft tables built to customers specifications in stainless steel
  • Improves clean shop or facility, and reduces maintenance costs by collecting particulate before it settles on your floors, walls, ceiling and equipment
  • Increase production efficiency with a cleaner, safer healthier work place
  • Downdraft table dust collection systems conserve energy by filtering out in plant emissions and reducing general ventilation requirements